What Time Does Corner Bakery Spangles Stop Serving Breakfast?

Corner Bakery Spangles offers breakfast until 10:30 AM on weekdays and extends this time until 11:00 AM on weekends. Delve into a diverse menu that features everything from light and fluffy pancakes, which are a must-try, to hearty breakfast sandwiches that are perfect for kick-starting your day. For those who might miss the early morning breakfast slot, don’t worry, as there are all-day breakfast options available to satisfy your cravings. Additionally, for individuals with dietary restrictions, there are gluten-free choices ensuring everyone has something delicious to start their day with.

The breakfast menu at Corner Bakery Spangles is designed to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Some standout items include the signature pancakes, which are known for their fluffy texture and rich flavor. If you’re in the mood for something savory, the breakfast sandwiches, made with freshly baked bread, eggs, cheese, and a choice of bacon or sausage, are highly recommended. For a lighter option, the oatmeal with fresh fruit toppings or the yogurt parfait are excellent choices.

Corner Bakery Spangles is not limited to a single location, ensuring that a wide audience has access to their delicious breakfast offerings. Each location is thoughtfully situated to be convenient for both locals and travelers alike, making it easy to enjoy a quality breakfast no matter where you are.

Below is a table outlining the breakfast hours for Corner Bakery Spangles throughout the week:

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday6:30 AM10:30 AM
Tuesday6:30 AM10:30 AM
Wednesday6:30 AM10:30 AM
Thursday6:30 AM10:30 AM
Friday6:30 AM10:30 AM
Saturday7:00 AM11:00 AM
Sunday7:00 AM11:00 AM

This schedule provides a convenient overview for anyone planning to visit Corner Bakery Spangles, ensuring you never miss out on their delectable breakfast offerings.

Corner Bakery Spangles Breakfast Hours Overview

At Corner Bakery Spangles, breakfast is served until 10:30 AM on weekdays and extends to 11:00 AM on weekends, ensuring you get a hearty start to your day. This means you’ve got a window each morning to grab your favorite breakfast items before Spangles switches to their lunch menu. It’s important to note that Spangles Breakfast Hours are set to accommodate both early risers and those who enjoy a bit more sleep, especially on the weekends.

Given these timings, if you’re planning a breakfast outing, it’s wise to keep these hours in mind to avoid missing out. The distinction between weekday and weekend serving times is vital; weekdays wrap up a bit earlier, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. Remember, arriving early not only guarantees you’ll enjoy the breakfast menu but also helps beat the rush, ensuring a more relaxed meal.

Corner Bakery Spangles Breakfast Menu Highlights

Diving into Corner Bakery Spangles’ breakfast menu, you’ll find an array of options ranging from fluffy pancakes to savory breakfast sandwiches and freshly baked pastries. If you’re planning your morning meal, knowing what’s on offer and when Corner Bakery Spangles stops serving breakfast is essential. Here’s a peek at some of the mouth-watering food items you can expect, along with their menu prices and hours.

Menu ItemPriceHours Available
Fluffy Pancakes$5.99Until 10:30 AM
Savory Breakfast Sandwich$6.49Weekdays: Until 10:30 AM, Weekends: Until 11:00 AM
Freshly Baked Pastries$2.99Until 10:30 AM
Hearty Omelettes$7.49Until 10:30 AM
Breakfast Wraps with American Cheese and Bacon$6.99Weekdays: Until 10:30 AM, Weekends: Until 11:00 AM

Whether you’re craving something sweet like pancakes or a hearty breakfast wrap with American cheese and bacon, Corner Bakery Spangles has got you covered. Just remember, the stop serving breakfast time is 10:30 AM on weekdays and extends a little longer on weekends, ensuring you get a delightful meal to start your day right.

All-Day Breakfast Items

While you’ve seen what Corner Bakery Spangles serves up during their specific breakfast hours, it’s worth noting that they also offer a selection of all-day breakfast items, ensuring you can enjoy morning favorites anytime. This means you don’t have to hurry to visit before they switch to lunch; you can savor the tastes of American breakfast classics on your own schedule.

Here’s a peek at some of the all-day breakfast menu items you can indulge in:

  • Fluffy Pancakes: Perfectly golden and ready to soak up syrup at any hour.
  • Delicious Breakfast Sandwiches: Packed with eggs, sausage, or bacon, these are a hearty option whenever hunger strikes.
  • Sizzling Bacon or Sausage: Because it’s always the right time for some crispy bacon or savory sausage.
  • Eggs Any Style: Whether you like them scrambled, fried, or poached, eggs are a versatile choice.
  • Wraps: For a quick and satisfying meal that’s easy to eat on the go.

Gluten-Free Options

For those managing gluten sensitivities, Corner Bakery Spangles offers a range of gluten-free options to accommodate your dietary needs. Understanding the challenges faced by individuals with dietary restrictions, this establishment guarantees that customers with gluten-sensitive conditions have access to a variety of suitable choices. The menu includes specific gluten-free items, though the availability may vary by location, highlighting the importance of inquiring about the gluten-free menu at your local Corner Bakery Spangles.

If you’re eyeing something outside the predefined gluten-free options, adjustments can be made for gluten-free requests. This flexibility demonstrates Corner Bakery Spangles’ dedication to meeting the diverse needs of their customers. Whether you’re in for breakfast or a quick snack, you can rely on finding something that not only satisfies your hunger but also aligns with your dietary requirements.

Lunch During Breakfast in Corner Bakery Spangles

You’ll appreciate the flexibility Corner Bakery Spangles offers by allowing you to order lunch items during their breakfast hours. If you’re not in the mood for traditional breakfast fare or your cravings lean more towards the lunch side of the menu early in the day, you’re in luck. This fusion of breakfast and lunch offerings guarantees that everyone can find something to enjoy, regardless of the time or their specific appetite.

  • No more waiting until 11 AM for your favorite sandwich – indulge in the lunch menu anytime during breakfast hours.
  • Enjoy the smooth shift between traditional meal periods, making your morning service experience uniquely satisfying.
  • Catering to diverse preferences means there’s always something for everyone, striking a perfect balance.
  • Added flexibility allows for a variety of options, ensuring that mealtime never gets dull.
  • Embrace the freedom to break from the norm and mix up your meal choices with ease.

Whether you’re an early riser with a hankering for a hearty lunch or simply someone who enjoys the variety of options, Corner Bakery Spangles’ approach to morning service caters to your diverse preferences with a seamless blend from breakfast to lunch items.

Ordering and Delivery Process for Corner Bakery Spangles

Ordering your breakfast favorites from Corner Bakery Spangles is a breeze, whether you’re dining in or prefer the convenience of online orders. Spangles guarantees you don’t miss out on their delicious breakfast range, serving items all day long, with the exception of oatmeal. You can indulge in eggs, sausages, bacon, pancakes, sandwiches, and wraps anytime until the breakfast service wraps up around 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM at most locations.

The breakfast hours at Spangles, running from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM, are perfect for both early birds and those who fancy a late breakfast. If you’re eyeing something different, Spangles’ breakfast menu also features unique options like breakfast bowls, mini donuts, and a variety of pancakes.

For those of you on the go, online orders make it easy to grab your breakfast without the wait. Whether you’re craving a hearty sandwich, a wrap filled with your morning favorites, or simply looking to start your day with pancakes, Spangles has got you covered. With a few clicks, your breakfast is on its way, making your mornings smoother and more delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Corner Bakery start serving breakfast?

Corner Bakery starts serving breakfast when they open their doors for business, which is typically around 6:00 AM or 7:00 AM. However, some locations may begin breakfast service at 6:30 AM or 8:00 AM.

What time does Corner Bakery stop serving breakfast?

Corner Bakery stops serving breakfast at the end of their business day, which is usually around 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM. This varies based on the location of the branch, with some closing earlier at around 4:00 PM and others staying open until 10:00 PM.

Does Corner Bakery serve breakfast all day?

Yes, Corner Bakery serves breakfast all day long, with the exception of oatmeal, which is only available until 10:30 AM. You can enjoy their breakfast menu items throughout the day until closing time.

Are Corner Bakery’s breakfast hours the same on weekends?

Corner Bakery’s breakfast hours on weekends are the same as on weekdays, starting from 6:00 AM and continuing until closing time, which is typically around 9:00 PM.

Can I get oatmeal all day at Corner Bakery?

No, oatmeal at Corner Bakery is not served all day. It is available only until 10:30 AM. After that time, you can choose from the other breakfast items that are served throughout the day.

What are some popular breakfast items at Corner Bakery?

Some of the most popular breakfast items at Corner Bakery include Buttermilk Pancakes, Buttermilk Pancakes with Bacon & Scrambled Eggs, Garden Gate Scrambler, Anaheim Scrambler, All American Scrambler, and various breakfast sandwiches and wraps.

Does Corner Bakery offer healthy breakfast options?

Yes, Corner Bakery offers healthier breakfast options such as Steel-Cut Oatmeal, Fresh Berry & Yogurt Parfait, Apple & Banana Overnight Oats, and Berry & Almond Overnight Oats.

Can I order breakfast for delivery from Corner Bakery?

Yes, you can order breakfast items for delivery from Corner Bakery. They offer delivery services for all breakfast items except oatmeal, which is only available until 10:30 AM.

Does Corner Bakery have outdoor seating available?

Yes, Corner Bakery has outdoor seating available at select locations. You can enjoy your breakfast outside if the weather permits and the specific location offers this option.

Is no-contact delivery available for Corner Bakery breakfast items?

Yes, Corner Bakery offers no-contact delivery for their breakfast items. This allows you to receive your order without direct contact with the delivery person, ensuring a safer transaction.

Where can I find the menu and place an online order for Corner Bakery?

You can find the menu and place an online order for Corner Bakery by visiting their official website at https://cornerbakerycafe.com/. They also offer a mobile app for rewards and easy ordering, which can be downloaded from the website.

How Many Calories Are in Corner Bakery Cafe Cookies?

Diving into the world of Corner Bakery Cafe cookies, you’re looking at 200 to 250 calories per treat. They’re a mosaic of flavors—from Chocolate Chip to Oatmeal Raisin—each with its own nutritional info, including sugar content and butter types.

The cookies vary in portion sizes, offering a range of flavor varieties and dietary alternatives. Their baking process, ingredient sourcing, and freshness assurance guarantee every bite is as delightful as it’s mindful.

Is Corner Bakery Tomato Soup Vegan?

Corner Bakery’s tomato soup isn’t vegan because it’s made with heavy cream. If you’re avoiding animal products, you’ll need to look for vegan alternatives.

Check out their seasonal soups and ask about vegan toppings or plant-based bread to pair with. They might offer customization options to suit your dietary restrictions.

Don’t forget to explore their nutritional information for a complete guide and finish your meal with one of their vegan desserts.

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