What Time Does Arby’s Serve Lunch on Sundays?

At Arby’s, the lunch service begins at 11 AM on Sundays, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite meals without waiting until the afternoon. Whether craving the timeless taste of Roast Beef and Beef ‘n Cheddar sandwiches or the crunchy delight of crispy chicken sandwiches, Arby’s has a diverse menu to cater to all.

The Market Fresh selections offer a healthier alternative for those looking for something fresh. Highlighted menu items include the Classic Chicken Tenders, starting at an affordable price of $4.99, and the indulgent Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar Double sandwich priced at $8.99. Additionally, the Smokehouse Brisket stands out as a customer favorite, alongside exciting limited-time specials that bring new flavors.

Arby’s boasts multiple locations across the country, each offering the same high-quality, tasty options that the brand is known for. Whether in a bustling city or a quiet suburb, finding an Arby’s nearby for a satisfying lunch is easy. The welcoming atmosphere and consistent quality across locations make it a go-to spot for many.

To plan your visit, here’s a handy table of Arby’s opening and closing hours for the entire week:

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday10 AM10 PM
Tuesday10 AM10 PM
Wednesday10 AM10 PM
Thursday10 AM10 PM
Friday10 AM11 PM
Saturday10 AM11 PM
Sunday11 AM10 PM

Please note that hours may vary by location, so it’s a good idea to check with your local Arby’s for the most accurate information.

Arby’s Sunday Lunch Hours

At Arby’s, you can enjoy your Sunday lunch favorites as early as 11 AM. This early start means you don’t have to wait until the afternoon to indulge in a delicious selection from their lunch menu. Whether craving their classic roast beef, longing for a beef ‘n cheddar, or feeling like a French dip & Swiss, Arby’s has you covered.

Plus, if you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter, their crispy chicken sandwiches and Market Fresh options will surely hit the spot.

With prices ranging from $5.29 for a classic roast beef to $9.99 for a hearty meal of classic chicken tenders, there’s something for everyone’s budget. And for those who love trying something new, Arby’s doesn’t disappoint. Their limited-time offerings, like the Smokehouse Brisket and Kings Hawaiian Fish Deluxe, are also available on Sundays, ensuring your lunch is anything but boring.

Arby’s Featured Menu Items

Diving into Arby’s lunch menu, you’ll find crowd-pleasers like the Classic Roast Beef and the smoky delight of the Smokehouse Brisket. But let’s not overlook the variety that Arby’s brings to the table with its lunch offerings. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty sandwich or something a bit lighter, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a closer look at some of the standout menu items:

  1. Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar: This iconic sandwich combines Arby’s signature roast beef with tangy cheddar sauce and a red ranch dressing on a toasted onion roll. It’s a savory delight that’s hard to beat.
  2. Classic French Dip & Swiss: For those who favor au jus, this sandwich offers thinly sliced roast beef on a toasted sub, served with a side of warm au jus for dipping. It’s a simple yet satisfying choice.
  3. Market Fresh Chicken Wrap: Venturing into the lighter side, this wrap features juicy, crispy chicken with fresh lettuce, tomato, and mayo, all wrapped up in a soft tortilla. It’s an invigorating option that doesn’t skimp on flavor.

With prices ranging from $4.99 for classic chicken tenders to $8.99 for a double Beef ‘n Cheddar, Arby’s lunch menu offers a variety of options to satisfy your midday cravings.

Limited-Time Specials

If you’re looking to spice up your Sunday lunch routine at Arby’s, their Limited-Time Specials are just the ticket. These specials highlight seasonal menu items and offer special pricing, making it an exciting time to try something new without breaking the bank.

Plus, with exclusive promotions rolling out, you’ve got even more reasons to check out what’s new and tantalizing on the menu.

Seasonal Menu Highlights

Arby’s seasonal menu offers a variety of limited-time specials, including the savory Smokehouse Brisket for $8.45, the unique Kings Hawaiian Fish Deluxe for $5.45, and the invigorating Pecan Chicken Salad for $7.17. These items bring unique flavors to your lunch experience, offering something different from the regular menu.

  1. Smokehouse Brisket: A hearty option for meat enthusiasts.
  2. Kings Hawaiian Fish Deluxe: A lighter, yet flavorful choice for those seeking something distinct.
  3. Pecan Chicken Salad: A revitalizing and healthy option, perfect for a lighter lunch.

Special Offer Pricing

Exploring further, you’ll find that the limited-time specials such as the Smokehouse Brisket, priced at $8.45, offer tempting deals for an indulgent Sunday lunch. These specials are a part of Arby’s effort to spice up the menu with unique and delectable options.

For a lighter fare, the Kings Hawaiian Fish Deluxe, at just $5.45, provides a delightful twist to your meal. Meanwhile, the Pecan Chicken Salad, available for $7.17, adds an invigorating choice for those seeking something different.

It’s essential to remember, though, to check with your local Arby’s for the availability and pricing of these limited-time specials. They’re designed to enhance your dining experience, offering a varied palette of flavors that cater to your Sunday cravings.

Exclusive Promotions Rollout

To spice up your dining experience, keep an eye out for Arby’s exclusive limited-time specials, offering unique flavors at attractive prices. When you’re craving something different from the usual fast food options, Arby’s rolls out these specials to tantalize your taste buds without breaking the bank. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. Smokehouse Brisket for $8.45: A savory treat that combines smoky flavors with Arby’s signature brisket.
  2. Kings Hawaiian Fish Deluxe Sandwich for $5.45: A delightful seafood option that’s perfect for a lighter lunch.
  3. Pecan Chicken Salad for $7.17: A fresh and tasty choice for those seeking something on the healthier side.


CaloriesPriceProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)
Classic Roast Beef360$4.79233714
Half Pound Beef ‘n Cheddar740$8.89493948
Smokehouse Brisket610$8.28365129
Crispy Fish570$5.19206525


CaloriesPriceProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)
Chicken Club Wrap880$7.99486449
Buttermilk Crispy Chicken660$6.99356132
5 Piece Chicken Tenders640$6.58394635

Wagyu Burgers (Limited Time):

CaloriesPriceProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)
Deluxe Wagyu Steakhouse Burger690$6.99394243
Bacon Ranch Wagyu Steakhouse Burger830$8.99464256


CaloriesPriceProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)
Curly Fries (Small)410$2.7945321
Mozzarella Sticks (4 pc)410$4.39153025
Loaded Curly Fries670$5.99157338


CaloriesPriceProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)
Roast Beef210$1.69141810
Buffalo Chicken260$2.18131816


CaloriesPriceProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)
Roast Chicken250$6.9925814
Crispy Chicken430$6.99252525

Breakfast Sandwiches:

CaloriesPriceProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit420$3.99152927
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit570$3.99172942
Ham, Egg & Cheese Biscuit380$3.99182921
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissant490$4.49193231

Breakfast Wraps:

CaloriesPriceProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Wrap550$4.99255128
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Wrap690$4.99255144
Ham, Egg & Cheese Wrap500$4.99275122

Biscuits & Gravy:

CaloriesPriceProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)
Sausage Gravy Biscuit560$2.99114436
Biscuit & Gravy450$2.4974427

Breakfast Sides:

CaloriesPriceProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)
Hash Brown Bites250$1.4922017
Apple Slices35$1.49080
French Toast Sticks (4 pc)240$1.9943011


Calories (Medium)Price (Medium)
Chocolate Shake730$3.49
Vanilla Shake720$3.49
Jamocha Shake730$3.49
Orange Cream Shake (Limited Time)780$3.49


Apple Turnover390$1.99
Cherry Turnover420$1.99
Chocolate Turnover440$1.99
Salted Caramel & Chocolate Cookie450$1.99
Triple Chocolate Cookie440$1.99

Soft Drinks:

Diet Coke®$1.99$2.29$2.49
Dr Pepper®$1.99$2.29$2.49

Other Beverages:

Brewed Iced Tea$2.29
Bottled Water$2.29
Capri Sun Apple Juice$1.59
1% Low-Fat Milk$1.79
1% Low-Fat Chocolate Milk$1.79

Arby’s Meal Price Overview

Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll likely spend during your Sunday lunch at Arby’s.

You’ll find that the average meal costs vary, with options ranging from a more wallet-friendly Classic Roast Beef to the pricier Classic Beef n Cheddar Double.

We’ll also shed some light on the special offers that might just make your meal more enjoyable without stretching your budget too thin.

Average Meal Costs

At Arby’s, you’ll find that meal prices range from $5.29 to $9.99, depending on your choice of classic sandwiches or limited-time offerings. When it comes to chicken, the Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich meal hits the spot at $8.69, while for those craving more, the 5-piece Classic Chicken Tenders meal is a bit pricier at $9.99.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Classic roast beef and beef n cheddar sandwiches average between $5.29 and $8.99.
  2. Limited-time items like the Smokehouse Brisket and Pecan Chicken Salad fall between $5.45 and $8.45.
  3. Market Fresh® options, including chicken choices, stand at $6.99.

Special Offers Insights

Moving on, here’s what you need to know about Arby’s special offers and their impact on your wallet.

Arby’s occasionally spices up its menu with limited-time items that are both wallet-friendly and tantalizing for your taste buds. For instance, you can indulge in the Smokehouse Brisket for just $8.45 or immerse yourself in the Kings Hawaiian Fish Deluxe for a mere $5.45.

If you’re in the mood for something lighter, the Pecan Chicken Salad is a steal at $7.17. Not to mention, favorites like the Classic Roast Beef and Beef n Cheddar sandwiches won’t break the bank, priced at $5.29 and $5.99, respectively.

For chicken lovers, options like the Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Chicken Tenders start at an affordable $4.99, ensuring there’s something for everyone without emptying your pockets.

Customer Favorites in Arby’s

Among Arbys’ lunch offerings, the Classic Roast Beef Sandwich stands out as the top pick for many customers. This beloved sandwich has consistently won over the hearts of many, thanks to its tender roast beef and its delicious simplicity. If you’re a fan of hearty, meaty sandwiches, you’ll find Arbys’ lunch menu particularly enticing.

Here are some other customer favorites that you might want to contemplate:

  1. Classic Beef n Cheddar: A delightful twist on the classic, adding a rich cheddar sauce and tangy red ranch that perfectly complements the roast beef.
  2. Classic French Dip & Swiss: For those who enjoy a bit of au jus with their sandwich, this option offers a savory roast beef experience with a side of dipping sauce.
  3. Market Fresh® Options: Including the Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich and Chicken Club Wrap, these offer a lighter, yet equally satisfying option for those looking for something different from the usual beef offerings.

Beyond these, limited-time favorites such as the Smokehouse Brisket and Pecan Chicken Salad also make waves among customers. Whether you’re craving the classic roast beef or something a bit different, Arbys serves up a variety of options starting at 11 AM on Sundays.

Additional Information and Links

For more in-depth information about Arby’s varied lunch menu and nutritional content, you can visit their official website or click on these links. They’ve everything from the nutritional information on your preferred roast beef sandwich to the scoop on their gluten-free choices.

If you’re interested in what else they’ve to offer besides lunch, like their dinner menu, these resources are your go-to for the most up-to-date and accurate details. Don’t forget, Arby’s starts serving lunch at 11 AM on Sundays, so if you’re planning a late breakfast or an early lunch, you’re in luck.

Their lunch menu features a variety of choices including the always popular roast beef sandwiches, crunchy chicken tenders, and nutritious turkey wraps. And for those of you monitoring your gluten intake, they provide turkey and ham options that can be paired with gluten-free buns.

Prices are reasonable as well, ranging from $4.99 for Classic Chicken Tenders to $8.99 for a substantial Classic Beef n Cheddar Double sandwich.

Owned by Inspire Brands LLC, Arby’s has established a reputation with its Classic Roast Beef Sandwich, but there’s plenty more to explore. Take a look at their website or the provided links for a more thorough look into their menu offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Arby’s start serving lunch on Sundays?

Arby’s starts serving lunch at 10:00 am on Sundays. You can order any item from their lunch menu starting at this time.

Does Arby’s serve lunch all day on Sundays?

Yes, once Arby’s starts serving lunch at 10:00 am on Sunday, you can order lunch items anytime until they close. Arby’s serves lunch all day on Sundays and does not have a separate dinner menu.

What are Arby’s hours of operation on Sundays?

Most Arby’s locations are open from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm on Sundays. However, hours can vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local Arby’s for their exact Sunday hours.

Can you order from the lunch menu during Arby’s breakfast hours on Sunday?

No, Arby’s serves their breakfast menu until 10:00 am on Sundays. You cannot order lunch items from the menu until breakfast hours end and lunch officially begins at 10:00 am.

What are the most popular lunch items at Arby’s on Sundays?

Some of the most popular Arby’s lunch menu items ordered on Sundays include the Classic Roast Beef sandwich, Beef ‘n Cheddar sandwich, Crispy Chicken sandwich, Market Fresh sandwiches and wraps, and curly fries.

Are there any lunch specials or deals available on Sundays at Arby’s?

Arby’s often features limited time specials and value deals that are valid on Sundays. Check their website, app or in-store for any current Sunday lunch promotions. Arby’s also has an Everyday Value menu with select items at discounted prices all week long.

How late can you order lunch items on Sundays at Arby’s?

You can order Arby’s lunch and dinner menu items up until closing time on Sundays, which is 11:00 pm at most locations. Since Arby’s does not have a separate dinner menu, lunch is essentially served all day until the restaurant closes.

Does Arby’s offer any healthier lunch options on Sundays?

Yes, Arby’s has Market Fresh salads, wraps and sandwiches on their lunch menu that provide healthier options under 500 calories. These include the Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad, Creamy Mediterranean Chicken Wrap, and Turkey Avocado Club sandwich.

Is Arby’s lunch menu on Sundays the same as the rest of the week?

Yes, Arby’s serves the same standard lunch menu all week long, including on Sundays. The only difference is that lunch starts at 10:00 am on Sundays versus 11:00 am Monday-Saturday when breakfast is served longer.

Can you customize lunch orders at Arby’s on Sundays?

Absolutely, just like any other day of the week, you can ask for modifications and substitutions to lunch items on Sundays at Arby’s. For example, you can add or remove toppings, sauces, or cheeses, or swap out the side item.

Does Arby’s offer online ordering and delivery for lunch on Sundays?

Most Arby’s locations accept online and app orders for pickup or delivery on Sundays during lunch hours. However, it’s best to check if your local Arby’s offers these services, as it can vary by location and third-party delivery partner availability.

What Is the Most Unhealthy Food at Arby’s?

You’re wondering about the most unhealthy food at Arby’s. It’s the Half Pound Roast Beef Sandwich, packing 880 calories, 40 grams of fat, and 2,190 milligrams of sodium. Definitely a heavy hitter on their menu.

What Is the Most Expensive Sandwich at Arby’s?

At Arby’s, the crown jewel of sandwiches, the Classic Beef n Cheddar Double, will set you back $8.99. It’s a hearty feast, doubling up on the beef and cheese for a more satisfying bite.

What Type of Fish Does Arby’s Use?

Arby’s uses Alaskan Pollock in their Kings Hawaiian Fish Deluxe sandwich. It’s crispy, served with tartar sauce and lettuce on a King’s Hawaiian bun, and costs $5.45. It’s a tasty limited-time seafood option.

Why Did Arby’s Stop Selling Ham?

Arby’s stopped selling ham to streamline their menu and focus on core items like roast beef sandwiches. They aimed to improve efficiency and customer service by simplifying their offerings, despite still serving other meats.


As the sun peeks over the horizon on Sundays, Arby’s gears up to serve its savory lunch menu, starting from noon. Picture yourself sinking your teeth into a juicy, tender roast beef sandwich or delighting in a limited-time special that tantalizes your taste buds, all without breaking the bank.

With customer favorites that guarantee folks keep coming back and prices that are gentle on your wallet, Arby’s makes sure your Sunday lunch is both satisfying and special. Don’t forget to check out their additional info links for more mouth-watering options!

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