9 Tips for Hosting a Perfect Brunch Party

Going to a brunch party is one of those things everyone enjoys. We all have memories from going to brunch with friends, regardless of if it was last weekend or back in the day when we were young.

Hosting a brunch party is entirely different from waking up and going to a restaurant to sip mimosas and eat pancakes. However, cocktails are necessary for both.

If you’ve been thinking of hosting brunch, you’re at the right place. We’ll share our brunch party ideas with you! We’ll tell you how to plan out the day, what to and what not to serve, as well as what cocktails you must have!

Keep reading and host your friends to the best brunch party they’ve ever attended!

Start With the Guest List and the Budget

Hosting a brunch party is all about planning. So, first things first! 

Before you start thinking about the drinks and the food menu, you have to think about the guest list and the budget. All the preparations in the world won’t help you if you can’t afford it at the end of the day. 

So, firstly, how much money do you plan on spending on brunch with friends at your place? 

The guest list is next on your list of priorities. You must think about the space and how many people your home can fit. There’s no point in gathering ten people if your place seats only eight, or you can afford six guests.

Don’t Rush It

It’s easy to get overly excited about hosting brunch, but try not to rush it and let your friends sleep a bit longer. Many people make the mistake of inviting guests to come to their party as early as 9 am. Don’t be those people.

Regardless of whether you hang out with a crowd that isn’t prone to late nights, let your friends sleep in if you don’t want them showing up in a bad mood.

Noon seems to be the perfect time to host brunch with friends, so give it a shot and see if your guests prefer it.

And, you’ll have more time to prepare everything in the morning. So, you saved yourself a couple of hours of sleep as well.

Plan the Menu

Once you know how many people are showing up and how much you can spend, it’s easy to plan out the shopping list.

So, decide on a menu, and start the preparations. 

There are a few ways to go about this. 

First, and the most convenient option for the host is making something similar to a regular meal. It will be easier since you’ll know what you’re doing in the kitchen, and you won’t have to spend a bunch of money on different ingredients. So, one main course and a bunch of sides.

Or, you can take a modern approach and try one of Instagram’s brunch party ideas. 

We’ve saved some “quick and easy” recipe videos for years. Maybe it’s time to prepare some of them.

Or, if you wish to take hosting brunch to another level, bring out the big guns. Showcase the best you can do in the kitchen and let your friends enjoy the tastiest dishes your hands can make.

Decorate the Night Before

Since the guests will be arriving earlier in the day, your safest bet is to do everything you can on the night before. 

So, lay out your brunch table on time. Finish the shopping list, put out the decorations, and do all the cleaning you must. Tomorrow is party time.

Remember, hosting a brunch party isn’t the same as hosting Halloween, so there is no need to go overboard with the decorations.

However, picking up some flowers may not be the worst idea. You can put them in mason jars and add more joy to the setting with a simple addition.

Let Baking Help You

Baking for multiple hours on the day of the party doesn’t sound that fun. Still, most people don’t take advantage of the fact that you can warm up most baked products.

So, our advice is the same as with the decorations – do it the night before. 

You need to plan out your menu to include some of the many brunch recipes that you can prepare ahead. And that’s pretty much almost all baking recipes.

Who would say no to a cinnamon roll, a hash brown casserole, or any of the incredible egg dishes that can hold for a day? 

Sure, you can leave one or a few dishes to serve straight out of the oven and mix things up a bit. But don’t overdo it with multitasking and make your life easier by making a few things ahead.

Get a Friend to Lend a Hand

A brunch guest list is usually not that long, so we can assume only the closest friends got the invite. 

So, invite your BFF to come to your place a few hours before the rest of the crowd. Maybe your friend has some brunch party ideas you can implement before the beginning.

And, while they’re there, an extra pair of hands in the kitchen won’t be too bad to have. So, call someone that knows how to cook.

Pancakes Aren’t That Special

Unless it’s the first one they’ve ever been to, chances are your friends had pancakes at a brunch party before. So, giving them more of the same may not be so exciting.

We know it’s easy to make, you’ve done it countless times before, and you already have most of the toppings in your kitchen. But this party isn’t about the most convenient thing. That would be going to a restaurant.

So, give your friends a unique experience and prepare a dessert they don’t eat every Sunday morning.

Eggs Are a Must Have

It’s hard to imagine brunch with no eggs. So we won’t make you do that.

However, don’t let the eggs be a plain omelet. Try preparing a frittata. It’s a baked dish with eggs that won’t be as familiar as scrambled or fried eggs on a plate.

Frittatas give you an option to improvise, and with a bunch of recipes online, you can easily find the one that suits your friends’ tastes.

Don’t Forget About the Cocktails.

Yes, the meal should be delicious. However, none of that is the essential part of your party. You should carefully plan out the food menu and make sure everything is prepared correctly.

And, don’t forget about the cocktails.

The drinks are the key to having a great brunch, so make sure to stock up on alcohol.

To avoid being a bartender and not a host, try sticking to a few simple drinks anyone can make. 

Brunch parties are known for mimosas, bloody marries, and Prosseco. And of course, you have to have them all.

Luckily, making these is pretty straightforward, so your guests can make their drinks at the bar.

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