Steakhouse Etiquette: How To Eat Steak

Having dinner at a steakhouse isn’t the same as going to the local fast food place and grabbing the first thing on the menu. It’s a special occasion that should be approached appropriately.

So learning steakhouse etiquette might be the best idea before going on your next red meat dinner.

No worries, though. We’ll tell you all about the proper way to eat steak. 

This blog explains how to cut a steak when eating at a restaurant.

And, we mentioned all the mistakes you need to avoid if you wish to learn how to eat steak.

How to Eat Steak

We can’t even start talking about steakhouse etiquette and what mistakes to avoid until you learn how to cut a steak when eating it. 

So, before we teach you how to eat steak, let’s learn how to cut the meat.

When the beef arrives at the table, cut the meat in the middle. Then you can observe the color of the steak on the inside and distinguish the level of doneness. 

Starting at the edges wouldn’t be the best idea. Instead, work your way from the middle of the piece.

If you didn’t plan on eating some fat, you shouldn’t have ordered a steak. With beef, fat is a flavor enhancer, so make sure to eat it along with the meat. It will make the experience much more enjoyable. And that’s undoubtedly the proper way to eat steak.

Now that you know how to cut a steak when eating in a restaurant, let’s talk more about steakhouse etiquette and mistakes you need to avoid.

Steak Etiquette – Learn to Pair the Wine

Yeah, steak is delicious as it is. There is no question about it. However, pairing the beef with a quality wine can elevate the dinner to a different level.

That’s why it’s crucial to learn a bit about wine pairing before your next visit to the steakhouse.

Now, this is the part where people get lost. Most believe that you have to be a sommelier to do this successfully. Of course, that’s not the case.

Firstly, you need to know the fundamental differences between red and white wine. Red wine is usually higher in tannins, the bitter compounds in the drink. They pair well with the fat pieces and the salt on your steak.

That’s why the server always recommends red wine with a steak dinner.

Proper Way to Eat Steak – Don’t Cut It All at Once

As we mentioned before, going to a steakhouse isn’t the same as going to a fast food place. So, there’s no rush to finish the meal. 

If you are one of the people that like to finish the meal quickly, you shouldn’t waste your money on high-quality meats.

So, if you wish to follow steak etiquette, don’t cut the entire dinner at once. And why?

Well, firstly, the meal won’t be as good. If you cut your meat all at once, the pieces will cool off quicker. So by the end, you’ll be eating cold steak.

Also, it’s not quite sure why, but it’s just not something you do at the steakhouse. Some believe that the constant cutting seems inappropriate and would interrupt the conversation.

Whatever the reason behind this rule is, make sure to follow it.

Stop Using Too Much Steak Sauce

This may be a bad habit that you need to eliminate if you wish to follow modern steak etiquette. 

We know your situation because we had to go through the same process. Growing up, whenever we had the steak, all kids would pour as much sauce as possible. However, you’re no longer a kid, and you need to take it easy on the bottle if you wish to look like a true meat-eater.

These days, most chefs believe that pouring too much steak sauce takes away from the flavor of the meat. They take pride in the beef, the seasoning, and their unique preparation method. Ruining all of that with a bunch of sauce doesn’t seem right.

Using steak sauce can be helpful and mildly fix a poorly prepared piece of meat. However, if everything has been done correctly, the sauce has no business on the table.

No More Spitting in the Napkin

We know what it’s like to bite down on a piece of meat only for it to be a piece of gristle. However, no matter how compelled you may be to spit it in the napkin, you shouldn’t do it.

We know that picking up the napkin, spitting the gristle, and politely setting it down may seem the simplest solution. But, according to steak etiquette, it’s not the proper way to deal with the situation.

Instead, you should bring your fork to your mouth, slide the piece of gristle on the fork, then set it on the side of your plate.

Not only will you follow the rules correctly, but you still have a napkin open to use.

Cut Against the Grain

Yes, you can cut your steak whichever way you like. But, if you wish to look like a true foodie and someone that knows their way around a steak dinner, you should cut it against the grain.

If you don’t follow the rules, the meat will be chewier and might ruin the entire dining experience.

So, what does against the grain mean? Looking at a steak, you’ll notice small parallel lines. Those are muscle fibers.

It’s best to cud perpendicular to the fibers whenever you can. This way, you’ll feel the authentic taste a well-prepared piece of meat should have.

Don’t Let Your Meal Get Cold.

No matter if you’re at a family barbecue or a fancy steakhouse, you shouldn’t allow your meal to get cold. We know it’s easy to get distracted with a conversation, but you shouldn’t let this happen.

Your steak will be significantly less tasty, but you might also be at risk of disease. 

Food has a danger zone when it comes to temperature, and between 40 and 140 degrees, germs tend to thrive. So, don’t let your dinner be the cause of illness and eat your steak hot!

Wash your hands!

This may be obvious, but before the food arrives, make sure to wash your hands. It’s crucial that you excuse yourself from the table, take your time, and clean your hands.

Leaving a good image of hygiene is helpful to make a good impression. And, of course, it helps you avoid any germ that may have ended up on your hands. This isn’t the case only for steakhouse meetings, but any dinner you’re having.

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