Best Shrimp Cocktail Recipe and What It Goes With

Do you want to make the perfect shrimp cocktail at home? On those days you’d rather stay at home or entertain your friends and family, our shrimp cocktail recipe will not disappoint. While we love seeing our guests enjoying our Shrimp Cocktail made with Florida pink shrimp, cocktail sauce, house smoked hot sauce, lime lemon, and passionfruit aioli, this is the season for pool parties, backyard barbecues, and family gatherings. When you can’t make it to our restaurant, we want to ensure you are fully prepared for the warmer months. 

Best Shrimp Cocktail Recipe

This is an easy and timeless shrimp cocktail recipe that is perfect for any gathering! When you’re invited to a holiday party and need to bring a dish that everyone will love, this shrimp cocktail comes to rescue every time. It’s also great for recharging from a busy weekend with Netflix in your pajamas! We won’t judge and you don’t need to be a chef or know how to cook to make this easy recipe. Just bring a few simple ingredients together in a few minutes and viola! 

  • Ingredients: 
    • 2 pounds of ice
    • 6 cups of water
    • 2 tablespoons of kosher salt
    • 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar
    • 1 / 2 peeled and halved small onion
    • 1 tablespoons of parsley divided
    • 2 divided lemons
    • 2 pounds of peeled and deveined shrimp 
  • Cocktail Sauce:
    • 1 / 2 cup of mild chili sauce
    • 1 / 2 cup of ketchup 
    • 1 teaspoon of lemon zest
    • 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
    • 1 tablespoon of horseradish 
    • 1 tablespoon of worcestershire sauce
    • 2 dashes of hot sauce
    • 1 / 4 teaspoon of celery salt
  • Preparation:
    • Phase 1: First, fill a bucket with ice halfway and cover with water. Slice a lemon into wedges and set both the lemon wedges and the bucket of ice aside. 
    • Phase 2: Using a large pot, combine the 6 cups of water, parsley, salt, onion, and sugar. Take the remaining lemon and juice half of it. Add it to the pot and bring everything to a boil. Turn off the heat and add the shrimp. 
    • Phase 3: Allow the shrimp to sit in the water until they become pink and cooked all the way through for around three minutes. Once this process is done, transfer the shrimp to the bucket of ice. 
    • Phase 4: Combine all the ingredients for the cocktail sauce in a small bowl and set aside. 
    • Phase 5: Now serve the shrimp with the lemon wedges, cocktail sauce, and add parsley garnish. 

What Goes with Shrimp?

Now that you have a go – to recipe for perfect shrimp cocktail, let’s talk about what goes with shrimp cocktail. For those days you’re looking to wind down after a hard day of work, our Happy Hour menu has a number of complimentary snacks to pair with our Shrimp Cocktail! You’ll find our delicious Classic Peruvian Ceviche made with mahi mahi, red onion, cilantro, garlic, lime juice, sweet potato, and corn nuts. You’ll also want to double up on the seafood with our Crab Cakes made with jumbo lump crab meat, chipotle aioli, mango compote, and micro cilantro or our Blue Point Oysters made with cocktail sauce and mignonette! For a warm and soothing contrast, you’ll have to try our Lobster Bisque made with tender lobster meat, sour cream, olive oil, herbs, and caviar. Perfect shrimp cocktail goes well with our handcrafted cocktails and beer selection as well. Other snacks that go with shrimp cocktail include: 

  • Salads and vegetables – Whether you’ve decided to drop by for our Happy Hour specials or having a light lunch, our perfect shrimp cocktail is great with salads or vegetables. Our Kale Caesar Salad is made with Emerald kale lettuce, caesar dressing, parmigiano reggiano, croutons, and a soft poached egg. Shrimp cocktail is also good paired with our House Mix Green Salad made with mesclun lettuce, arugula, heirloom baby tomatoes, avocado, red onions, and lemon oregano vinaigrette. You’ll also want to remember to try a side of our Herb Roasted Potatoes. 
  • Pasta and Bread- A light macaroni salad or linguini dish pairs well with shrimp cocktail. Our Fresh Baked Milk Roll made with romero honey whipped butter and sea salt makes a great pairing alternative. 
  • Chicken and beef – Protein is always a satisfying companion to any shrimp cocktail recipe. For dinner, try our Roasted Half Chicken made with whipped potatoes, grilled asparagus, and au jus. We have a variety of great steak cuts from Filet Mignon to New York Strip. Other options include our 20oz Rib Eye, Churrasco, or Tomahawk steak meant to share. 
  • Rice – What goes with shrimp cocktail? Rice dishes are a great way to add flavor variety to shrimp cocktail. Quinoa is a popular dish and one of our featured lunch bowls. It includes avocado, roasted tomatoes, sweet potato, corn, hard boiled egg, french beans, and citrus dressing. 
  • Seafood – Add more seafood to your shrimp cocktail dish! You can never have too much seafood and our lunch, brunch, and dinner menus have plenty of options to choose from. If it is a seafood fest you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. The best shrimp cocktail recipe is not complete without something from our Raw Bar like the Seafood Tower that includes lobsters, oysters, crab salad, ceviche, shrimp, cocktail sauce, passion aioli, lemons, and limes. Other options include our Maine Lobster Portobello Benedict made with grilled portobellos, wilted spinach, poached eggs hollandaise, and toasted sourdough. Another menu favorite paired with our perfect shrimp cocktail is the Tuna Nicoise Salad made with seared tuna, mesclun lettuce, olives, egg, haricot vert, tomato, red bliss potato, and oregano vinaigrette. 

Try Our Shrimp Cocktail 

What goes with shrimp cocktail? We have some of the best snacks that go with shrimp cocktail during Happy Hour and other promotional specials you won’t want to miss. Whether you need to wind down from a long, hard day of work or looking for a way to get together with the friends and family during the week, our promotional specials have something for everyone!

When looking for other snacks that go with shrimp cocktail, you’ll find them during our specials. On Mondays, you’ll want to check out our Half Priced Bottles of Wine from our incredible collection of 94 Points or Higher Wine Selection. For Wednesday nights, we feature Half Priced Whiskey which pairs well with the perfect shrimp cocktail recipe! You’ll enjoy our Live Jazz Band Thursdays with great low key music meant for breezy summer evenings. Of course, our Happy Hour specials that run Monday through Friday feature our half priced wine, cocktails and beer, and $10 sushi rolls. 

We aim to bring the community together through food and provide a haven for you to push pause on your busy schedule to enjoy each other’s company. Our mission has always been to inspire connection and solidarity by focusing on fresh American fare through artisanal ingredients and California wines. When looking for a casually elegant dining experience, we are the preferred location in Coral Gables. 

We make enjoying our cuisine easy! Our takeout menu is available for when you’re not in the mood for cooking or to enjoy your favorite dish from our menu. Are you planning on celebrating an anniversary, wedding, birthday, or graduation? We are available to host private parties and events for up to 250 people. 

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